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Steampunk! - Uh huh. I know exactly what that means! Mmmmmmm? Well........not really! But it’s raining today and this expo at the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls sounds just the thing to take our minds off the wet weather and another abandoned plan to hike.

On my morning walks this week in Halifax I've seen Road Closed signs appearing around my old school.  At first I thought perhaps there were going to be some roadworks which would produce muddy conditions on the roads,  But no......

Well most of you know, we are both partial to some musical entertainment, and, our tastes are quite varied.  From rock concerts to opera and bluegrass to folk festivals we have had great experiences...but this would be an all new thang for us!

Our second week in Scotland was focusing towards hiking in and around The Cairngorms...what we hadn't planned on was stone lifting!

"Belén?". Belén (Bethlehem in Spanish) is the Nativity scene and here in Seville it is a huge event! The market in between the Cathedral and the Archivos de Indias is stuffed full of everything needed to make a "Belén" at home. Its 30+ stalls open from November 13 to December 23 sell everything you can imagine to build or add to your own family Nativity scene.

David goes to the Barber of Seville!
So on my “lost while wandering” tour this morning I found a hat shop. A hat shop had been talked about and so I wanted to show David. Before we got there we found a Barbers.

This cute little albino rodent called Willie lives in Wiarton, Bruce County, Ontario.

This funky looking building is intriguingly stunning. Looking like melted steel it is the work of American architect Frank Gehry, …..

Travelling through the prairies on Hwy 16, the Yellowhead Highway, in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, we came across these curious blue domes.

You may have noticed our hats.  We’re seldom without them be it hot and sunny, cold and wet, or wild and windy.     They’re Australian Akubra hats.

Introducing, Bruce & Sheila - Free Range EarthRoaming Eggspeditionairres - F.R.E.E. - Australian chickens seeing the world.
The old question beckons…..”Why did the chicken cross the road?”….and many answers have been given, by many an illustrious soul…..

Argentina.  Yesterday a plumpish family packed up their camp at the Rio Chusca. They had a very old, rusty Peugeot 403. The bed mattresses were piled on the roof rack and the parents and their teenage daughter, very slowly, in a haphazard fashion of  disorganized organization, got everything loaded and strapped down and got on board, elbows resting on the open windows all ready for the journey home.

Well I had promised myself I would be fluent in Spanish by time we got to Argentina for our first South American tour. Gosh was I delusional! Our attempts to communicate have been hysterical at times and frustrating at others. I'm sure we've missed out on learning more about this country which we've had to fill in with the assistance of Google and Google translate.

Well it seems the answer could be…..YES! There are some people who never feel the urge to leave home. They’re content growing up in the same place, going to college in the same town, sitting on the same couch...

"Overlanding" provides a really different way of interacting with a country or region that you want to visit, rather than the fly in fly out approach to world travel. Ultimately, given the time and some advanced planning you can achieve so much more and get to those far off remote places where most people will never go to, and therefore have a remarkable and unique experience.

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