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Nope....we haven't completely disappeared off the face of the planet...we have just been a little delayed in our plans for future travels. 

As the saying goes...long story, short...we don't have our new vehicle yet. It was due at the end of April! Our new vehicle is in fact still "under construction" in California...there has been a further delay. Without getting into all sorts of technical stuff, it simply comes down to the non-availabilty of certain parts to complete the build....end of July, that's our best guess now.

Are we downhearted? Nope! Are we disappointed? Well, yes, maybe a little bit! Are we itching to get back on the road? Yep, you betcha life we are! But we decided to make the best of this little hiccup and look at fresh opportunities and it all got well shaped up with an amazing invitation....more on that later.

After our fantastic break in the Canary Islands in February, March and April, we have spent the past few weeks exploring the length and breadth of England.

DPW 170510 8882

The Blonde celebrating the wonderful weather we have been blessed with since getting back to the UK after Easter.

First it was Cornwall for a week (blog to follow shortly) to walk sections of the wonderful South West Coast Path, then London for a few days, a great father and daughter break for Jade and David in The Lake District, plus great family time in Yorkshire and The Lakes.

DPW 170528 9152

Jade and David..."hamming it up" on Whin Rigg, Wastwater.

David back to work...yes that's right...back to work for a few days helping to fit out a new crematorium...yes that's right, a crematorium! And now a week in Pembrokeshire National Park, Wales (blog to follow shortly), to hike the coastal path, which is to be followed by two weeks in Bonny Scotland in July....phew, tired out just thinking and writing all that!

DPW 170508 8740

The Blonde Hiker...on top of the world...hiking into Clovelly from Hartland Point on the South West Coast Path.

DPW 170508 2293

The Blonde on the steep streets of Clovelly, Devon.

DPW 170619 2153

The Blonde taking in another wonderful Pembroke Path view..... the meantime....we have been presented with a fabulous opportunity via an invitation from the daughter of our very dear friends Shaine & Graham to attend Lara's wedding in South Africa at Kruger National Park, in took a nano second to RSVP...and to top that they also invited us to tagalong with them on a two week 4wd safari in Botswana and The Kalahari...that took another nanosecond to say...YES PLEASE!!  And then to top that...we take off with Shaine and Graham to go to two of the places David has always dreamed about visiting ever since he was a little boy...yes all those years the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania...another two weeks of time to be spent game viewing plus hiking with the Maasai.  We are the "EarthRoamers" eh?!

So that in a nutshell is where we are at just now. New blogs will be appearing soon about our travels in the UK...and they probably would have been delivered earlier had it not been for the amazing weather we have been so fortunate to have so far in May and June.

The EarthRoamers...we continue to... Explore, Dream and Discover...

DPW 170510 8948

Just chilling out on the South West Coast Path in Cornwall. 



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