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Feliz Navidad,....Merry Christmas from Seville, Spain! Well...not really...we are actually in Halifax, West Yorkshire, but as the EarthRoamers that we are, we have chosen to celebrate Christmas this year in multiple places! Why settle for one Christmas when you can have many!

December 7, 2016 - The Christmas lights went on tonight in Seville! Thousands of people walked "Avenida de Constitucion" from the Town Hall past the Cathedral to "Puerta de Jerez" and the huge Christmas tree there. It was a great buzzy atmosphere. People of all ages, families, tourists. No-one was in a hurry. This was true Sevillian ‘paseo’ (walkabout) at it’s best!

ALW 161207 6566

Sevillianos pack the streets. This is before traditional eating time so everyone is working up an appetite!

ALW 161207 3230

The Town Hall was stunning. Everyone wanted their photos taken here and groups and families gathered for selfies. The photo doesn’t do justice to the brightness of the gold and glitter.

ALW 161207 7399

The 100ft high tree at the end of Avenida de Constitucion in "Puerta de Jerez".

ALW 161207 6544

We’ve been watching the installation in the streets for 2 weeks. Crews have been in the streets in the wee hours after the cafe’s and bars have closed and every morning it has been a surprise to see what’s been done - like a secret team of Santa’s little helpers!

ALW 161207 3283

Even the smaller side roads and traffic thoroughfares away from the main center have been lit up.

ALW 161207 3286

The shops, cafes and bar were heaving and the streets were filled with smoke from the roasting chestnuts on braziers on every corner.

ALW 161207 3251

I love this huge tree in Plaza de la Encarnacion in front of Las Setas. For once the night lights on the Parasol were overshadowed! In previous years one of the city’s Christmas trees was placed in this square but I like this one covered in baubles.

ALW 161207 3246

All the shopping district was illuminated and many shops had superb window displays. Christmas music was blaring from the Mercado Belén (the Nativity Market). It sounded very brash from the basic loud speakers and not recognisable to us but people were singing along so it’s clearly a hit here!

ALW 161207 6598

In different districts of the city, the lights took on different meanings to the local people...here we see a more "arabic" influence.

ALW 161207 6547

The Giralda and the Cathedral compete with the lights from the Cajasol Headoffice building in Plaza San Francisco. Inside here is a superb Nativity pored over by hundreds of people a day.

Seville has left a lasting impression on us for all sorts of reasons - the food, the people, the lifestyle, the history and architecture. And of course, these stunning Christmas lights were just a great way for us to finish our 6 week stay.

So it just leaves it for us to say...FELIZ NAVIDAD & FELIZ AÑO NUEVO...to all our family, friends and followers....2017 looks like being another exciting year as we prepare to pick up our new vehicle in April and start our travels into Central & South America. Explore, Dream & Discover - The EarthRoamers.

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