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As most of my family and friends are aware I am and always have been a bit of a music nut. From a very young age when I soon realised I had no skills to play an instrument and certainly would not make a singer, listening to music became "my bag". A visit then to this venue was absolutely top ten on my "Bucket list".

We had camped the night before in a Walmart car park some 25 miles east of Cleveland. We wanted to get in to the city of Cleveland early, and even though it was a Sunday and we expected that the traffic would be at a minimum we were keen to find both a convenient and safe place to park Big Henry...I guess we had some memories of our unfortunate incident in San Francisco nearly two years previous. In fact, in the end, we managed to park almost directly outside the venue.

In anticipaition of me immersing myself in "The Hall", The Blonde, very graciously I should add, took some photos outside of this amazing structure before it opened and then decided to take her bike off for a cruise around Cleveland city. And how about this for some kind of coincidence...my first vinyl single I bought was "Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash...and outside the entrance to The Hall?....was Johnny Cash's tour bus he had used as he gigged his way around America and Canada.

ALW 160828 5024

I was the second person through the turnstile as the gates opened spot on time at 10am...the only person ahead of me was a gentleman from Tennessee who had had the great good fortune to be at Woodstock and was now touring the US on his recently purchased Harley Davison in retirement and like me had always wanted to visit this venue.

ALW 160828 0392

Old rockers never die!!

After getting my ticket, and some sound advice from the ticket collector, I proceeded to walk through the many different halls and the three levels of the facility quite quickly making a note of those I wanted to spend more time at...I had a "pass" from The Blonde for 3 hours up to lunchtime and I really wanted to make sure I saw the things that would please me most. In fact, I think I could spend at least a whole day here...probably two...but then you do need a break as it is almost too much to try and absorb it all.

ALW 160828 5032

 Entrance to the first floor exhibition.....

ALW 160828 5046  ALW 160828 5058  ALW 160828 5077

Fantastic posters...from back in the day! The Odeon Southend was a regular venue for us.

ALW 160828 5103  ALW 160828 5093

The "Another Brick In The Wall" characters from Pink Floyd's stage performance...saw this at Earls Court, London.

ALW 160828 5071

There is only one.....Jimi Handrix...alas i never saw him live.

ALW 160828 5072

Ringo's original drum kit....

ALW 160828 5064

Possibly the greatest rock group of all time? And still going strong!

ALW 160828 5045

Great UK rock and pop groups from my very young days..... 

ALW 160828 5076  ALW 160828 5075  

David Bowie as "Aladdin Sane" as I remember seeing him the first time and... The Supremes, who were my first Tamla Motown Group concert...great memories.

For all you music lovers out there....if you haven't been to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame....add it to that "must do" list...it is a truly wonderful experience. I would go back and spend more time in a heartbeat.   https://www.rockhall.com 


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