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We've been putting off crossing into Kansas partly because we know it means the end of our journey and this part of our earthroaming life with Big Henry. And partly because we haven't found a great deal we want to see and do along the way.

Our National Geographic book writes about the CCC building the Glade Scenic Drive on FR147. Noted for its Smoke Trees, fall colours and views over the prairies.... 

The Ozarks has it all! Springs, rivers, waterfalls and swamps! So much to see and now we are fighting a little with time to fit it all in.

The drive from Elephant Rocks State Park to Salem was on a very tough road. One twist and bend after another. Heading south from Salem on the MO19 was easier and straighter, then as the road starts to follow the Current River we twist and turn again. We were wanting to go for a "float"!

We are continuing our journey westwards. Now crossing the Mississippi River over the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge at Cape Girardeau...the river is just everso slightly wider than when we first saw it in Itasca at its birthplace...the bridge is nearly 4,000ft long...over 1.2kms.

We left the Great Smokey Mountain National Park after a great week of exploration....however we could not resist one final small hike up to Laurel Falls on our way out. This before we started our day long drive over to Mammoth Cave National Park.

Charlie's Bunion - nothing to do with feet. Well, perhaps that's not true. It was a hike so it would have something to do with feet. A 10 mile round trip to Charlie's Bunion which is a rocky outcrop way up on the Appalachian Trail from Newfound Gap overlook.

We're so close. We couldn't give this a miss. The Great Smoky National Park in Tennessee is only 3 hours drive from South Fork River National Recreation Area. That's all.  What we weren't prepared for was the astonishing corridor of theme parks, restaurants, attractions, showtime, theatres, thrills and spills just before the parks entrance.

Big South Fork River begins in Tennessee at the confluence of the Clear Fork River and the New River, and then flows north through a 600 foot deep gorge, enters Kentucky and empties into the Cumberland River. This is most rugged territory on the Cumberland Plateau with a network of hills and hollows, rocky ridges and river valleys.

Known as the "Niagara of the South," the Cumberland Falls is a 125-foot wide curtain of water and quite dramatic, day or night. But it's only at night and only during a full moon that you can see the "moonbow", a phenomenon not found anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere.

September 12, 2016 - This weekend has been the start of the Gauley River rafting. The Summersville dam lowers its water level this time each year in preparation for winter rains and snow. In doing so it creates one of the World's Top 10 whitewater rivers. The renowned event attracts hundreds of rafters to ride the wild rapids.

Time to leave the Shenandoah National Park today. It’s a cool and damp start to the day after overnight rain. The remaining 22 miles of The Skyline Drive seem to take forever as the road descends and twists and turns. There are still many overlooks and hikes and we see several cyclists on this section of the road.

This amazing structure in Plaza de la Encarnación has enchanted us from the moment of our arrival in Seville. We have scores of photos taken in all weathers and at all times of the day. Each time we strolled past on the way to the market or the flea market or to one of our favourite cafes/bodegas, we snapped another view.

Big Henry has always attracted attention. Often it is just the passing enquiry, a remark or a walk around by admirers in a superstore parking area. Other times people are very keen to learn more....we have been followed sometimes for miles for a photo, but this was to be the first time that we were actually stopped by another vehicle.

Feliz Navidad,....Merry Christmas from Seville, Spain! Well...not really...we are actually in Halifax, West Yorkshire, but as the EarthRoamers that we are, we have chosen to celebrate Christmas this year in multiple places! Why settle for one Christmas when you can have many!

Well, I dragged David here kicking and screaming - a County Fair for goodness sake! I have been wanting to come to a County Fair ever since Susan our dear friend from Boulder in Colorado, showed me her book on Minnesota’s County Fairs and the wonderful and amazing photos she had taken.

We leave Cleveland and head to the Cuyahoga National Park, only 30 miles south of Cleveland. "Though only a short distance from the urban areas of Cleveland and Akron, Cuyahoga Valley National Park seems worlds away.The park is a refuge for native plants and wildlife, and provides routes of discovery for visitors. The winding Cuyahoga River gives way to deep forests, rolling hills, and open farmlands."

We had known for quite some time and especially after our journey through Argentina and Chile at the end of last year/beginning of 2016, that we would have to work on a new itinerary and a change of vehicle for our forthcoming adventures.

As most of my family and friends are aware I am and always have been a bit of a music nut. From a very young age when I soon realised I had no skills to play an instrument and certainly would not make a singer, listening to music became "my bag". A visit then to this venue was absolutely top ten on my "Bucket list".

Having left the Bruce Peninsula behind we headed south and east through Ontario down to Niagara Falls. Neither of us had been to see the world famous falls before…we had a mixed reaction.

We drove into Wiarton early in the morning….(see The Blonde’s Blog Post “Canada’s Prognosticating Groundhog”)…we stopped in the park to witness all that was great and good about “Wiarton Willie”…I was suitably underwhelmed by the whole experience, but The Blonde seemed interested, hence her separate blog on the subject.

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