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We continued our journey down the Oregon coast towards California on Highway 101. We felt we may have left Washington a little too quickly in some ways, but to be fair the weather had a great deal to do with that decision.

Indeed we were moving through Oregon as well quicker than we would have liked as a large depression was speeding up and heading down the coast from Alaska threatening us with some heavy rainfall.

The Oregon coast is simply magnificent. This coupled with great campground facilities along the way meant we were loathe to push further south. In particular we enjoyed our stays at Oregon Dunes Recreation Area, where we met up with some other EarthRoamer friends Brenda & Garth. These dunes are the largest expnse of sand dunes in the USA, some of them are as tall as 500ft....we steered well away from the ATV area! At Cape Blanco, where the storm hit us and The Blonde nearly took off down the cliff face, and at Cape Sebastian.  The beaches are truly remarkable. Cannon Beach is one of the more popular beaches along the 101 with amazing stretches of sand that roll on for mile after mile and also features the equally amazing Haystack Rock which is the third tallest sea stack in the world.

The last stop on the Oregon Coast is at Brookings...from here we crossed over into northern California and into the Redwoods. Hug a tree country....but you need very long arms! California's towering giant trees run pretty much from the Oregon border all the way down to Big Sur...they are truly magnificent. From Crescent City where we stopped to pick up a replacement part to solve a small problkem we had with our rear door locking we headed into Redwood National Park. This was our first camp spot in California....and what difference from Oregon in terms of prices, much higher, and quality of facilities, much lower.  The camp in the park itself was very busy and the sites very narrow or with lots of overhanging branches. It was also very dark and damp...not very inviting....we pulled out.

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