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We had decided that the best place to test out Big Henry would be Yellowstone Park, Wyoming. The park was in fact the first National Park in the US and holds therefore a very special place in the hearts of all Americans. Over 3 million people visit the park every year.

It was time to leave the California coast and Route 1. This was not before we took time out to visit Santa Barbara, which has to be one of the most beautiful towns/cities on the Californian coast.

We continued our journey down the Oregon coast towards California on Highway 101. We felt we may have left Washington a little too quickly in some ways, but to be fair the weather had a great deal to do with that decision.

Week 4 - W/C 20 October 2014 - We pulled out of Winthrop on the east side of the Cascades then on Sunday morning, bidding a fond farewell to our Earthroamer friends Wendy & Jamie and Brenda & Garth. The weather looked ok so about 10 miles down the road we decided to pull into the village of Mazam and ride a river bike trail that Wendy had recommended to us.

So here we are now, with new bikes, satellite navigation and internet all set up for the vehicle, new bed linen, carpet mats, storage containers....all just waiting to be installed...hopefully tomorrow, 26th September.

The final 3 days we spent in the UK with Nicholas and Chris in London before we jetted off on Sunday 7 September to Denver, Colorado. I should add that we had already been advised of a further delay in production at Earthroamer.

Well....things sometimes don't go quite according to plan! Over 18 months in the planning and suddenly with less than 5 weeks to go before we set off on our adventures....we have delays.

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