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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the things you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
- Mark Twain


Our Story

We left the UK, our country of birth in 1993 bound for Mauritius, the most beautiful Indian Ocean island. We spent 4 amazing years there, managing to fit in travel adventures to the Indian Ocean islands of Reunion, Seychelles, Rodrigues and Madagascar, plus trips to Australia, South Africa and several other countries in South East Asia... with just the mild interference of having to work! Although we had both travelled well before coming to Mauritius, David in particular with his buying trips to the Far East, it was whilst we were living, working and playing in Mauritius we both discovered our great love of exploring, meeting people and experiencing other cultures.

In 1997 we found ourselves posted to Bali, Indonesia... oh dear.... just another amazing tropical island, what had we done to deserve this? Four years living here immersed in the culture of a most beautiful people, we managed unreal experiences and adventures travelling though Java and working with a wonderful dedicated workforce. Our true and genuine love for Bali and its people will stay with us forever, and we proudly maintain our link with the Balinese people through our work supporting Ninining Kindergarden in Denpasar, Bali, assisting in education programs for poor and disadvantaged children aged 4 to 9 years of age.

bali 051

Our "second home", with our beautiful kids at Ninining Home Education in Denpasar Bali.

bali 050

"The Blonde" in full story telling mode with our kindi kids.

In 2002 we left Bali for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We spent three memorable years there in the land of diverse cultures and probably the most amazing selection of food on the planet... really not so good for maintaining that waistline!

Finally we decided to settle in Western Australia in the Margaret River wine region some 250 kms south of Perth in 2005, this after David took the opportunity of taking early retirement. Amanda gained our permanent residence by buying, managing and developing a retail business, "Kitchenworks", in Busselton...and in 2010 we both took nationality in what is truly "God's given country".

Over the past 8 years since we have been in Australia together, we have had the great good fortune to explore many of the "outback" areas, to include driving the Gibb River Road (3 times), the notorious Anne Beadell Highway, the Old Telegraph Track to Cape York, witnessed the amazing desert solitude of the Canning Stock Route, and lead the first organised overland tagalong group into East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory in 2012. During these trips we have been lucky enough to travel with and meet great people, witness amazing wildlife, view stunning sunsets and sunrises, great desert night-time star-filled skies and come to understand better the wonderful country we now call home.

australia 134

Outback overlanding in north west of Western Australia

In 2010 we undertook a really special "outback safarI" in Namibia, along with our great friends, Shaine and Graham and Helen and Booma. For almost 4 weeks we travelled throughout Namibia in our specially fitted out vehicles with roof top tents, meeting fantastic people from tribes such as the Himba and witnessing awesome sights on the Skeleton Coast, Swakopmund, on the Runene River at the Angolan border, and into Etosha National Park.

In between all this we have managed to indulge ourselves in our other passion for hiking in remote and beautiful areas. In particular New Zealand where we have walked the Greenstone, Routeburn, Abel Tasman, Queen Charlotte and Milford Tracks in the south island and Tasmania where we endured a heat wave on Cradle Mountain when hiking the Overland Track in 2011.

nz 051

Great reflections on Wharariki Beach, North Island, New Zealand.

Then a great series of walks on the Camino in northern Spain and in the Douro Valley in Portugal in 2013, as well as great walks in our mother country, particularly in The Lake District, The Yorkshire Dales and the amazing beaches and coastal areas surrounding Norfolk and Suffolk. In the Summer of 2014 we discovered/explored the coast of Dorset and Devon and the amazing cliff top walks....one week was nowhere near enough and we will return.

However, all of this has just given us a taste for more overland travel and adventure, and now that we are both "retired", it is time to move to an even bigger stage. So here we start our next adventure to....Explore, Dream & Discover... and to drive around the world.

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Amanda "The Blonde" Wood

Hi, I’m Amanda - a fidget, a researcher, an artist of sorts and a nature lover. I describe myself as an English Australian - it goes part way to answering people’s questions about my accent. It’s a mixture. I own none of it. It’s borrowed from others; Sunderland, where I was born; West Yorkshire where my parents are from and where I grew up; Surrey from University days; from friends from around the world and from languages I’ve tried to master to get more involved in the countries we’ve lived in. And of course, Australia, which we call home. I love learning new things. Sometimes I stick at things and sometimes they’re added to the scrapbook of life. But travelling is a passion. David taught me that.  We realised we like being nomads. We liked change. It suited my fidgety nature.
David is our grand planner, but I’d like to take credit that it was my idea over breakfast one Sunday that sparked our current status. Feeling yet another need to change, I suggested we buy a Landrover Defender in England and take two years to drive it back to Australia. David needed no further encouragement. He’d been waiting for this moment for years! In minutes the plan was in full development and in weeks our business was on the market, our house up for sale and everything we could live without got packed, sold or given away. The Defender grew into an EarthRoamer and the route became A Drive Around the World.
I love what we’re doing. I love the small space we live in when we’re inside and the vast space outside to be hiked and biked and explored. I love the strange and the quirky. That’s where you’ll often find me in this blog. Oh, and perhaps some of the photos will be there too as my new passion of photography develops.

David "The Bear" Wood

G'day, I'm David - born in Norfolk, UK, where I spent a pretty much idyllic childhood playing cricket and football on the sports grounds and beaches of East Anglia, with the annoying interference of attending school.  Leaving college at 18, the "earthroaming spirit" was already being recognised and I moved around the UK for work for several years until settling into a profession in furniture retail, eventually working my way up the ranks in a family owned business to become director of buying and marketing. Following visits on business to Asia I became even more curious about world travel. In 1992 we were lucky enough to find ourselves living and working on the beautiful Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. From this base point we went on to explore in Africa, Madagascar and Oceania as well as throughout Asia. We were truly blessed to find ourselves working with some amazing people. At the age of 50, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take early retirement having enjoyed the past 14 years working with one of the largest retail groups in Malaysia and Indonesia. Settling then into Australia where we took our residency we continued our nomadic life, exploring this amazing country we now call home. Great outback and desert trips into The Kimberley, to Cape York, across The Great Central just gave us a further taste for overland travel.
I have this need to explore....I love maps....I love the opportunity to experience different cultures...I love the challenge of driving in different terrains, but most of all I love the fact that The Blonde and I are sharing all of these things together now. How long will we travel for is the question that many people ask us? The Blonde says until we get too old, too tired or too poor... I say, we never will stop until we physically cannot. Why "The Bear"?.... My daughter Jade gave me this nickname when she was younger she always thought I danced like Baloo from Jungle Book!

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Come and travel with us. Read our stories, enjoy our travel tales and laugh at our musings and mishaps…..be thrilled by the images we produce of the amazing places we visit and the people we meet along the way…..but most of all have some fun witnessing our journey around this amazing planet we all call HOME through this website!

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