• Alaska Photo Gallery

    Where every day offers up an unforgettable memory.

  • Arapaho Bay Recreation Area, Colorado - June 2016

    We left the heat of Moab and Arches National Park in Utah and worked our way across into Colorado, then started heading north and east towards Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Arizona Photo Gallery

    The Grand Canyon State

  • Baileys Yard and Carhenge, Nebraska - June 2016

    Our original intention as we left our dear friends Susan & Steve in Surprise near Denver…and their gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy, Dudley…..was to head north....

  • Beartooth Pass - June 2018

    We had attempted the drive over Beartooth Pass, from Montana into Wyoming, back in October 2014, but were disappointed to have to turn back due to early season heavy snow....not this time though....and what an adventure....!

  • Big South Fork National River Area, Kentucky - September 2016

    Big South Fork River begins in Tennessee at the confluence of the Clear Fork River and the New River, and then flows north through a 600 foot deep gorge, enters Kentucky and empties into the Cumberland River. This is most rugged territory on the Cumberland Plateau with a network of hills and hollows, rocky ridges and river valleys.

  • Bighorn Canyon..Hikes, Mustangs and Storms.

    Bighorn Canyon is one of the less visited parks in Wyoming, often overlooked with many peoples focus towards the big ticket items of Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons...they don't know what they are missing!

  • California

    It was a week of not much movement! After our exertions in Joshua Tree National Park, and in particular that stunning climb for the views on Mt. Ryan, we headed further south again

  • California Photo Gallery

    So much more than you expect....LA and San Francisco are just a small part of the story.

  • Chief Joseph Highway & Buffalo Bill Scenic Highway to Yellowstone

    Having conquered Beartooth Pass and the north east entry into Yellowstone....now we want to go to The Grand Tetons National Park via the east entrance into Yellowstone...this involves travelling two scenic highways/byways, named after the two most famous residents of this area.

  • Colorado Photo Gallery

    Bald eagles soaring between rugged peaks of The Rockies. Meadows of wildflowers dancing in the wind. And sunrises that paint the sky like a canvas. This is a state where wonderful things happen.

  • Craters of The Moon and The City of Rocks

    Leaving Wyoming behind we make our way into Idaho to visit the Craters of The Moon and City of Rocks...a very different landscape to The Grand Tetons we had just travelled through.

  • Cumberland Falls & Bluegrass, Kentucky - September 2016

    Known as the "Niagara of the South," the Cumberland Falls is a 125-foot wide curtain of water and quite dramatic, day or night. But it's only at night and only during a full moon that you can see the "moonbow", a phenomenon not found anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Current River National Park- Missouri - October 2016

    The drive from Elephant Rocks State Park to Salem was on a very tough road. One twist and bend after another. Heading south from Salem on the MO19 was easier and straighter, then as the road starts to follow the Current River we twist and turn again. We were wanting to go for a "float"!

  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park - August 2016

    We leave Cleveland and head to the Cuyahoga National Park, only 30 miles south of Cleveland. "Though only a short distance from the urban areas of Cleveland and Akron, Cuyahoga Valley National Park seems worlds away.The park is a refuge for native plants and wildlife, and provides routes of discovery for visitors. The winding Cuyahoga River gives way to deep forests, rolling hills, and open farmlands."

  • December 2014

    It was time to leave the California coast and Route 1. This was not before we took time out to visit Santa Barbara, which has to be one of the most beautiful towns/cities on the Californian coast.

  • Dinosaur National Monument Park - Utah

    This is the only national park in the America’s set up to protect a historic “dinosaur quarry”. In 1909 paleontologist Earl Douglass from the Carnegie Museum was asked to visit a recent discovery made by a local miner. By 1915 the “Carnegie’s Quarry” had been set up as a designated 80 acre Dinosaur National Monument featuring 1000’s of bones from the late-jurassic dinosaur period.

  • Great Smoky Mountain National Park - Tennessee - Part 1- September 2016

    We're so close. We couldn't give this a miss. The Great Smoky National Park in Tennessee is only 3 hours drive from South Fork River National Recreation Area. That's all.  What we weren't prepared for was the astonishing corridor of theme parks, restaurants, attractions, showtime, theatres, thrills and spills just before the parks entrance.

  • Great Smoky Mountain National Park - Tennessee - Part 2 - September 2016

    Charlie's Bunion - nothing to do with feet. Well, perhaps that's not true. It was a hike so it would have something to do with feet. A 10 mile round trip to Charlie's Bunion which is a rocky outcrop way up on the Appalachian Trail from Newfound Gap overlook.

  • It's All About...Buffalo Bill!

    For those of you not so familiar with the opening out of the "Wild West" during the second half of the 19th century, then you may not have appreciated how this amazing character had such an impact on the development of the country....read on...

  • Johnson Shut Ins & Elephant Rocks State Parks - Missouri - October 2016

    We are continuing our journey westwards. Now crossing the Mississippi River over the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge at Cape Girardeau...the river is just everso slightly wider than when we first saw it in Itasca at its birthplace...the bridge is nearly 4,000ft long...over 1.2kms.

  • Kansas - October 2016

    We've been putting off crossing into Kansas partly because we know it means the end of our journey and this part of our earthroaming life with Big Henry. And partly because we haven't found a great deal we want to see and do along the way.

  • Mad Dogs and Englishmen....and others!

    Visitors to Arches come to experience towering rock “fins” and spires, balanced rocks as well as the world’s largest concentration of natural sandstone arches. The park is situated in the north eastern corner of Utah and lies on top of an underground salt bed, thousands of feet thick. Over time the residue and debris that gathered over the salt bed was compressed as rock.

  • Madeline Island, Lake Superior, Wisconsin - August 2016

    We were exiting Minnesota a little ahead of scheduled time, focused on where we were going to camp on the north shore of Lake Superior, our next intended destination….

  • Mammoth Cave National Park - Kentucky - September 2016

    We left the Great Smokey Mountain National Park after a great week of exploration....however we could not resist one final small hike up to Laurel Falls on our way out. This before we started our day long drive over to Mammoth Cave National Park.

  • Marshall Frederick’s Sculpture Museum - Saginaw, Michigan - August 2016

    After our great time exploring the “Gold Coast” in Michigan we had decided to head across “The Thumb” of the Michigan Lower Peninsula. We knew we had not really covered all the bases in Cherry Country as we drove through Crystal Lake area….but we had a date in Ontario and “stuff” to see on the way.

  • Michigan’s “Gold Coast” - Part 1 - August 2016

    As we drove down from the UP (Upper Peninsula), our next focus was towards crossing over the Mackinaw Bridge into the LP (Lower Peninsula) and then heading down the west coast of Lake Michigan, so aptly named the “Gold Coast”.

  • Michigan’s Copper Country - August 2016

    Whilst returning on the ferry from Madeline Island a young lady gave us a tip to make sure we visited Porcupine Mountains State Park. So from Bayfield we drove nearly 3 hours crossing over into Michigan and along the way moving into the Eastern time Zone.

  • Michigan’s Gold Coast - Part 2 - August 2016

    We woke the next morning to the sound of steady rainfall…the casino car park for a weekend had been strangely quiet, and now with the rain falling even quieter. From our camp “base” at the Sands Inn Casino we headed out to Suttons Bay….a rainy day meant a library and the opportunity to hit the internet.

  • Minnesota - August 2016

    Having left Wiinipeg behind, we camped up just short of the border crossing back into the United States, hoping an early start would mean less of a queue as we went through the necessary process….

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